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Halloween at the club
Sunday 28th October 2018

Hope you had a Happy Halloween

Some members definitely had a great time
It was the Clubs Annual Halloween party on Sunday 28th October 2018.

It was just another Sunday at the Club.   Well no it wasn't.     

There was no parking at all due to a football game at Murrayfield Rugby stadium. So all the members had to park a distance away and walk or get a bus and that was not straightforward either.
But the members
struggled in
Some needed a rest when they got there.

They called others to say it was not too difficult to get in.
So others joined
and the crowd got larger
Despite the hour extra in
 bed some still looked as
 if they had just got up!!   
  Members and guests   all got into the spirit of  halloween There were games Some got into a spin
There were prizes for the best fancy dress

Both for Under 16's   


Those a little older but still full of fun
  So who were the winners?  

And Everyone got  a goodie bag

What were they up to?
Click on the picture to find out
So as you can see it was just another club session really

I know others also took some pictures perhaps if they saw something different they could send them US  and we will include them here. Just in-case they saw something out of the ordinary worth showing.

If you would like one of the pictures you are in email   and we will send you a printable version of the photo.