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  Where are club members exercising during this coronavirus lock down ?  
Each Sunday Due to the Coronavirus outbreak  
  There is NO CLUB until further notice.
  Please also note that Murrayfield Ice Rink is also closed until further notice.  
  MORE photographs of what club Members are doing to keep fit during the shutdown  
Sunday 12th

Easter with Murrayfield Ice Skating Club
With the lockdown and the rink closed we cannot have the usual games on Ice and Easter eggs at the end of the club session.
However we can still have a an Easter Bonnet Competition and since we have boxes of chocolates already for this Easter there will still be prizes for the best Bonnets. You will just have to wait until the rink re-opens to get them.
Remember we have pictures of previous bonnets so dont try to use last yeas Bonnet.

Emails to: By close of play Sunday 12th April 2020.

So what are you waiting for?  See the entices received so far


The competition has begun where are your bonnets?
  Visit Edinburgh Zoo - while staying at home  
  Edinburgh Zoo is just a short distance from Murrayfield but it has also had to close to protect the 'Humans'.
The keepers are still in looking after the animals and they are having a holiday from visitors.
You can see what some of them are doing by clicking below. You might have to be patient to see some of them and very, very patient to glimpse a panda. The penguins tend to be the most active.

   Penguin Cam                         Tiger Cam                             Rockhopper Penguin Cam
  Queensland Koalas Cam                           Panda Cam  
1st May
6th May
MISC OPEN Competition - Friday 1st May - Wednesday 6th May 2020

CANCELLED due to the coronavirus outbreak
  There is NO CLUB until further notice.
Please also note that Murrayfield Ice Rink is also closed until further notice.
If you have any of your own pictures, news or competition results and you would like added please send them to Pictures NEWS
Last updated 18-10-2019  
Any one who won a Murrayfield open competition trophy from 2018 event should make arrangements to return this to the Club or Murrayfield Ice Rink by 31st March 2019. This is so that we can confirm that they are at the rink prior to the event this May, check them for damage and arrange for repairs as appropriate. It is the winners responsibility to ensure trophies are returned safely.

The Club are still missing a number of our Club and Open competition Trophies from earlier years. These are very expensive to replace.
Can any one who has a Murrayfield Ice Skating Club trophy that was Won prior to 2018 please return it to the Club/Ice Rink.
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