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MISC OPEN COMPTITIONS  28th April to 3rd May 2017  
All enquiries should be sent to
Postal enquiries including DVD requests should be sent to :-
Murrayfield Ice Skating Club
The Ice Sports Centre
Murrayfield Ice Rink
EH12 5XN
    DVD order Form
Free entry for Skater and 1Guardian and for Registered coaches.    
Day Tickets 
Adults  4.00     Children/Concessions   2.00
  Photographs of the event by
2 Day Tickets 
Adults  6.00     Children/Concessions   3.00
  David Paterson
All Event Tickets  (6 days)
Adults  10.00     Children/Concessions   6.00

Since January 2017 there has been no vehicular access from Corstorphine Road.

You have to divert Riversdale Road or Saughtonhall Avenue.

PEDESTRIAN Access from Corstorphine Road IS NOT AFFECTED.

You have to divert Riversdale Road or Saughtonhall Avenue. Click on the map opposite for directions
The work for the water of Leith flood prevention has also taken up a large amount of the front  of rink car park. There is still however plenty of space in the rear car park behind the Ice rink (go around the Curling rink and it is on the left.).

Unfortunately this means you have to walk back around the rink so please take this into account. Sorry but this is beyond our control. The good thing is once it is all complete the rink should never be flooded again.
Competitions and skaters

Please check you are in the correct event.
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Practice Ice Times
8th April 2017

Events Split

Due to the numbers some events have been split into separate competitions. Please check this Notice  
Events Split
F01 Beginner
F03 Level 1
F05 Level 2
F07 Level 3
F09 Level 4
F11 Level 5
4th April 2017 Entries for the event are now closed.  We cannot accept any more or late entries.     
Entry Form
There is no facility for paying electronically

Correspondence regarding to the MISC Open competitions should be sent to

when sending application forms

Please do NOT send applications by a method that requires a signature. We cannot guarantee that there will be someone around to provide a signature. This includes tracker options as this method requires a signature.  This will result in the entry being retained by the delivery company and it will require to be collected at a later date. If we are required to collect an entry there may be an administration fee of 15.00.This could delay the receipt of the application and could result in the application being.

If you include an e-mail address on the application form the application will be acknowledged after it has been, received and we have had time to process it.
Please do not use work email addresses
Singles and Pairs
Couples Dance
Solo Dance
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